The First Rheumatoid Arthritis Attack

It was the year 1996 and I was 32 years old then. Being a very healthy female, I saw no reason to worry when the first pain struck me. I remember the time and day very clearly probably because I would be narrating this incident to my doctor/s later.

I was walking casually inside my home one fine summer morning – it was my day off from work – when, all of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in my left knee. I was shocked for a moment because the piercing pain was simply unbearable but collected myself immediately and sat down on the couch wondering what it could be due to.

The pain left me in a few minutes and at that moment I laughed it off thinking it was just something temporary. In my younger days, I used to be proud of the fact that I did not catch a cold or a flu when both my brothers used to be down frequently with these ailments.

Now I am laughing at myself for having to suffer from this crazy disease that is stuck with me for life. I have been inflicted with the worst kind of disease, one that is unpredictable and starts giving you problems at the most crucial times making you feel embarrassed, annoyed and angry.

If, from what I said so far, you have jumped to the conclusion that I am negative, it is time to change it now! In fact, my positivity has helped me get to this stage when I am no more scared of this ra pain. Of course sometimes, when it goes beyond all comprehensive limits and leaves me wondering what I can do to reduce it, I do go overboard but that is rare.

There are 2 important things you need to know about this funny condition. I say funny because it is totally unpredictable and I remember walking normally at my work place one day when suddenly my knees gave way and I started limping while experiencing acute pain in the joint at the same time.

Coming back to the 2 things, RA can be managed well but you need to be positive and your family should be able to understand and ‘feel’ your pain. This is the most important thing because, without trust and understanding, this disease is likely to aggravate. To be continued……….