My Journey Through Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi, I am aware that if I tell my personal story, no one is going to be interested in reading it. Why should you be interested in my life’s events? They may not be useful to you in any way if I talked about how I grew up or how I got to quit my day job or what I am doing right now.

But, if the story is going to be about my personal experiences with the ever-annoying and painful rheumatoid arthritis and how I finally learned to “manage it” and “live with it”, you may be interested in reading through because, just because, at least a few of you or sometimes even most of you may relate to it.

You may even want to know how I did this, what my current health condition is and the medications that I have taken or am still taking to tide over the pains. I will be very honest here, telling you all about how I learned about having rheumatoid arthritis and the various things I did to tackle it and finally my inferences about this nasty condition.

Hope you will stay with me to hear me out because you might just benefit from it. Thanks!!


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